Month: May 2017

Curonian Spit (Klaipėda — Nida)

This post is part of adventure «Baltic Sea 2017»: After breakfast I took the ferry across the Curonian lagoon to Smiltynė. The crossing takes only 10 min. I left the ferry and took the unique road. At the crossing with road 167 begins the cycle path, well signed with “EuroVelo 10”, through the Kursiu Nerija national park…

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Lepšiai — Pagėgiai

This post is part of adventure «Baltic Sea 2017»: I will never get routine with this and it will always stay difficult to leave such great hosts like Evaldas’ family. Thank you all for your kindness, our discussions and a special thanks to Evaldas’ mum who pampered me like her own child and prepared such a great meal before I leaved! Evaldas’ sister was so kind and brought me and my bike to Lukšiai by car to avoid the gravel road…

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Żytkiejmy — Lepšiai

This post is part of adventure «Baltic Sea 2017»: We had a delicious breakfast together at 7.30am and I was around 9am on the road again. At 11.30am CET (10.30am EUT) I crossed the border to Lithuania. The road became better and after a while it was totally flat and I could speed up…

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Giżycko (Lötzen) — Żytkiejmy

This post is part of adventure «Baltic Sea 2017»: The third day through Masuria: It was still cold in the morning, but as I arrived at the forest ranger house in Żytkiejmy, spring had finally came back. The air was filled with the song of the birds and the sents of the surrounding forest…

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Lake Jezioro Dadaj viewed from hotel Słoneczny Brzeg, Rukławki (Biskupiec)

Frombork (Frauenburg) — Rukławki

This post is part of adventure «Baltic Sea 2017»: Of course, I was not the first guest to enjoy the generous breakfast buffet. Older people do not seem to need so much sleep, or may be they got enough time to relax in the coach. I leaved Frombork around 9am…

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Długi Targ and Ratusz Głównego Miasta (Main Town Hall), Gdańsk

Puck (Putzig) — Gdańsk (Danzig)

This post is part of adventure «Baltic Sea 2017»: It was only a short trip from Puck to Gdańsk, but in Gdynia it was not so easy as a cyclist to cross the harbour area. Between Gdynia and Gdańsk a few short showers forced me to cycle more carefully and I stopped at a car wash to get the road dirt from bike and panniers before reaching the guesthouse…

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